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gertiemay [userpic]


July 25th, 2007 (01:15 pm)

Hey people hope your all doing well, so i got given a back issue of Harpers and Queen and was reading that if you massage your stomach, thighs, legs etc for a couple of minutes each day and are persistant you can lose inches cos it stimulates that area of your body, so im gona try it and see.

gertiemay [userpic]


July 3rd, 2007 (10:04 am)

current mood: crappy

so i was really happy towards the end of feb, as i got to go to London fashion week, and stayed in london, being there enabled me to eat very little and drank huge quantities of ater and had lots of thinspo, i went from 117lbs to 109lbs! lowest so far, but had period since then where i have been on off eting, now im a huge 119lbs! eurhh

so i started yesterday to restrict and limit myself to 500kcals a day and as i have two parties coming up i need to thin myself down!

yesterday total:450cals

gertiemay [userpic]


May 3rd, 2007 (10:41 pm)

arrrgh 119lbs gained 9 lbs in 3 weeks! so fat, for the summer i must be 105lbs!

gertiemay [userpic]


March 13th, 2007 (10:48 am)

now officially 109lbs!!! hell yeh, after a week lost like 6lbs!

new target 100lbs by end of march!

gertiemay [userpic]

Day 6

March 6th, 2007 (09:03 pm)

minor binge, but got it all out of system, cant wait for tomorrow as im working straight after work and dnt have to eat, then thurs goin swimming

Peach yoghurt 90 cals
three apple and oat 270 cals
low fat crisps 120 cals

total 480 kcals

gertiemay [userpic]

Day 5

March 5th, 2007 (06:12 pm)

Noodles 475 cals
soy sauce 10 cals

total 485 kcals

gertiemay [userpic]

Day 4

March 4th, 2007 (07:31 pm)

mozerella and sundried tomato panini 480 cals

diet col 3 cals

total 483 kcals

gertiemay [userpic]

Day 3 yesterday

March 4th, 2007 (07:27 pm)

Oat and apple bar 90cals
apple and grape fruit 55 cals
cookie 170 cals
cola 5 cals
7 melts 140 cals

total 480 cals

gertiemay [userpic]

Day 2

March 4th, 2007 (07:23 pm)

cucumber and carrots 20 cals
diet cola 3 cals
4 oatckaes 100 cals
3 1/2 melts 60
chicken caesar wrap low cal - 270 cals
cashews 20 cals

total 473kcals

gertiemay [userpic]

day one

March 1st, 2007 (06:32 pm)

banana 100
diet cola 3
soup 84
pick n mix(3pieces) 75
4 melts 80
5 1/2 oatcakes 87

total 479 kcals